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United for Palestine: Student Solidarity at Columbia and CCNY Encampments


By Fatima Ezzahra Bouabd

In a show of unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian cause, students at Columbia University and the City College of New York (CCNY) have erected encampments on campus grounds, igniting a fervent debate on human rights and justice in the Middle East.

The encampments, adorned with Palestinian flags and banners demanding an end to Israeli occupation, serve as poignant reminders of the Palestinian people's ongoing plight. Students, faculty, and activists alike have united in their condemnation of Israeli aggression and the continued oppression faced by Palestinians.

At Columbia University, where the encampment stands as a beacon of resistance on the iconic Low Steps, students have mobilized to raise awareness about the injustices perpetrated against Palestinians. Through teach-ins, rallies, and cultural events, they aim to educate the campus community and amplify the voices of those silenced by occupation.

Meanwhile, at CCNY, situated in the heart of Harlem, the encampment has become a focal point for discussions on intersectionality and solidarity. Students from diverse backgrounds have come together to express their support for the Palestinian struggle. And they recognize it as part of a larger global movement for justice and equality.

The organizers remain steadfast in their commitment to standing with Palestine. They reject attempts to silence dissent and assert their right to free speech and peaceful protest. Supporters maintain that the urgency of the Palestinian cause necessitates such bold actions. They believe that the discomfort caused to universities, which they pay excessive amounts of money to attend, is a small price to pay for shedding light on grave human rights violations.

As the encampments continue to garner attention and support, they serve as powerful reminders that the struggle for justice knows no bounds. In the halls of academia, where ideas are forged and revolutions born, the spirit of solidarity with Palestine burns brighter than ever.

Despite the peaceful nature of the encampments, students have faced brutal crackdowns from the New York Police Department (NYPD) and government authorities. Reports of excessive force, arbitrary arrests, and intimidation tactics have surfaced, raising concerns about the erosion of civil liberties and the suppression of dissent. Despite these challenges, the resilience of the students remains unwavering, as they continue to defy oppression and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, undeterred by the heavy hand of authority.

In the face of adversity, Columbia University, CCNY and many universities around the world stand united in their unwavering support for Palestinian rights, sending a clear message that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

First two photos were taken at City College by John Henry. Last photo, is of Columbia University.


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